Next Generation 9-1-1
Provides standardized interfaces for call and message services, processes all types of emergency calls including non-voice (multi-media) messages, acquires and integrates additional data useful to call routing and handling for appropriate emergency entities. NG9-1-1 supports all E9-1-1 features and functions and meets current and emerging needs for emergency communication from caller to Public Safety entities.

(WebWISER) Wireless Information System for First Responders
Assist emergency responders in hazardous material incidents. WISER provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice.

Hazmaster G3
HazMasterG3 is the standard next-generation CBRNE/HME decision support system deployed to all Joint Services chemical units throughout the US Military. HazMasterG3 was selected after a rigourous requirements analysis and capability assessment performed by JPEO-CBD and validated by third party contractors. Below are just some of the reasons why HazMasterG3 has replaced legacy systems throughout the US Military, NATO and civilian agencies:
Comprehensive Integrated CBRNE/IED/HME Decision Aid 167,000+ integrated agents make HazMasterG3® the most comprehensive decision aid available. At Alluviam, we’re disrupting the status quo of what’s expected from a decision support system. With 167,000+ materials and trade names, HazMasterG3’s core database is much larger than any other comparable legacy decision support system – because you can’t get an answer if you don’t have the data.HazMasterG3 delivers actionable insights – when and where you need them, whether on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or net-centric environment. The experts people rely on choose to rely on HazMasterG3. Not because they were directed to use it or just because everyone else uses it. Because HazMasterG3 makes them look smart when they really need it. By providing the “so what does that mean” insight needed to take action.

Mobile ICS Guide
When the NIMS ICS Guide® was introduced in 2006, it was the first pocket reference to give first responders fast access to information needed for effective incident command. Now updated with National Response Framework (NRF), this must-have pocket reference is used by more than 150,000 public safety and health professionals.
Now available for Android this interactive application allows you to customize contact information for each incident for rapid on-scene communication, and provides detailed dynamic checklists that ensure that no detail is missed. The content is all-hazards, non-jurisdictional and discipline-specific, and includes responsibilities and rules for applying the Incident Command System (ICS).